Watercolor Tips

Painting with watercolor is fun and spontaneous. Allowing the water and paint to ebb and flow can create beautiful effects that are hard to duplicate. One of the most difficult lessons to learn about watercolor is to let it happen on it's own!  I always remind myself to only touch the paper with a brush when I have a reason.


 The purpose of this section is to share some of my techniques and tips. They are by no means mine alone - many artists use these them.  Keep in mind that the overuse of watercolor techniques can result in a painting full of "tricks."

The sections of watercolor tips will show you examples of the use of templates, salt and  saran wrap. Painting sky and clouds will show you how to create special effects in your paintings. These techniques work well in florals, landscapes and seascapes.

Step by step paintings are shown here to help you visualize the layering process used in watercolor painting. I added the section on portraits because I have received many questions on how to create "skin" colors in watercolor.

The content of these tips and demos pages are copyrighted. However, feel free to print them out for your personal use.

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