Use salt to create texture in landscapes

Apply a light wash of water to the area of the paper that you want textured. Drop paint into the wash and let it flow and bleed. Allowing the paint to merge creates a more interesting area than mixing the paint first in your pallet.


When the shine is no longer on the paper and looks like velvet - it is ready for the salt. Sprinkle the salt on the paper and allow it to completely dry. You will begin to notice the texture developing as it drys. 


When the paper is dry, brush away the salt. This texture works well in landscapes and florals.  

You can experiment with different salts to create different effects, i.e. kosher, table, sea and margarita salt.


"Bluebonnet Belles" demonstrates the use of salt in the background. After the paint was dry, a toothbrush filled with paint was "flicked" over the background to simulate wild flowers.

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