Use Saran Wrap to create texture in Nature

Wet your paper in the shape of the flower or shape you are texturing. Drop different colors into the wash and let the paint merge to create natural hues.


Scrunch the Saran Wrap into the natural texture of the object and place it over the wet area. Allow the area to dry completely dry before removing the plastic.


The Saran Wrap leaves a texture that simulates the petals of a geranium. Detail will be added to accent the floral shapes.

Shaping & stretching the plastic will create the natural effects of tree bark, sand, concrete, etc. 


The painting "Taos Pot" demonstrates several areas of Saran Wrap texture. The bushes to the right of the pot used scrunched up plastic to accent leaf shapes. The bark of the tree and stump was textured with plastic that was stretched & pulled before it was placed over the paint.  

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